About Us

Bright Capital Investment was founded in 2010 to service the early stage school development industry in the UAE. Since inception, we have been privileged to work with top tier investors, school operators, and leading educators who have jointly committed to the extensive restructuring plans and solutions we have successfully completed together. In 2018 the company moved its head office to Dubai and renamed as Bright Capital Investment. 

Today, Bright Capital Investment is a school operator and an investment management company, which aims to create one of the largest educational platforms in the UAE. Our target is to cover the complete education spectrum from pre-primary to secondary levels. Bright Capital Investment prides itself with the operation and expansion support it delivers to school developers and the education sector in general. Throughout a project lifecycle Bright Capital Investment seeks to maintain integrity and its values to its stakeholders.

Key Milestones


Bright Capital Investment, formerly known as Bright Education Investment was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2010


Founded First Nursery

Founded its first Nursery for the early years children in Abu Dhabi


Became a School Operator

Became a School operator for Star International School Mirdif, Dubai


Acquiring Star Schools and exiting Bright Kids Nursery

Took over Star International School Mirdif and Al Twar Sold four branches of Bright Kids Nursery to an investment company in Abu Dhabi


Opened first American curriculum school

Opened Bright Learners Private School, Dubai


Opened Star International School, Qusais branch

Opened Star International School, Al Qusais Announced partnership with International Schools Partnership for Star International Schools